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Beautiful Scenic Spot of Japan in Autumn!!!
10 Selected local tours! Enjoy exclusive price before Sep 13.
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Hokkaido Tokyo Nagoya Osaka
【Tour Code 22932】 Autumn Leaves Tour in Tokachi, Hokkaido ★HIGHLIGHTS★

Look forward to the maple-colored leaves at Fukuhara Sanso. Explore Yubari's famous autumn leaves spot, Takinoue Park, where the Yubari River and Ryusen-kyo Gorge present a gorgeous backdrop.

OCT 5-14
From HKD608 Discounted Price from HKD568
【Tour Code 22806】 Hokkaido Waterfall & Lakes Tour: Eniwa Gorge, Lake Shikotsu Lake Toya & more ★HIGHLIGHTS★

Eniwa Gorge - explore three waterfalls. Enjoy Lake Shikotsu surrounded by the autumn colors of red and yellow. A spectacular view of Lake Toya where the islands floating in the lake are colored with colored leaves

OCT 12 - 22
From HKD525 Discounted Price from HKD497
【Tour Code JW940】 Niigata Autumn Leaves: Naeba Dragondola, Tashiro Ropeway, Lake Daigenta & Lake Futai ★HIGHLIGHTS★

1. Tashiro Ropeway: enjoy autumn scenery from as high as 230m!
2. Naeba Dragondola: Ride the gondola for 25 minutes across a length of 5,481m and enjoy the autumn scenery.
3. Lake Futai: Enjoy the emerald green color of the lake and the surrounding autumn foliage.
4. Lake Daigenta: The surface of the lake reflects the surrounding autumn colored forest.

OCT 10-30
From HKD900 Discounted Price from HKD803
【Tour Code FA290】 Nagano Autumn Leaves Tour: Akiyamago & Matsukawa Gorge ★HIGHLIGHTS★

Visit Akiyamago & Matsukawa Gorge, two relatively unexplored autumn leaves spots in Nagano.Four meals are included on this trip

OCT 11 - NOV 2
From HKD1868 Discounted Price from HKD1680
【Tour Code 27197】 Shinkansen Travel - Northern Tohoku Adventure: Lake Towada, Hakkoda Ropeway, Shirakami Mountains and Oirase Stream. ★HIGHLIGHTS★

Hoshino Resorts Aomoriya (Komaki Onsen, Aomori prefecture)
Hakkoda: View spectacular lush green mountains from the ropeway!
Lake Towada: Cruise on the mysterious lake!
Lake Juniko in Shirakami Sanchi: Enjoy a sparkling blue lake surrounded by spectacular natural scenery.
Oirase Stream: Visit first thing in the morning to see the lush greenery along the rapids!
Gono Line: Board a local train on Gono line and view magnificent scenery!

SEP 24 - OCT 31
From HKD4943 Discounted Price from HKD4445
Tokyo Station
【Tour Code 76640】 Stunning Autumn Colors at Korankei Gorge ★HIGHLIGHTS★

Korankei Gorge: One of the finest autumn leaves spots in the Tokai area. Hundreds and thousands of domestic tourists visit here every autumn. The image of the surface on Tomoe River reflecting autumn foliage is beyond description. The best time to see autumn leaves is usually from mid-Nov to early Dec.

NOV 16 -30
From HKD374 Discounted Price from HKD336
【Tour Code 99700】 Autumn Day in Nagano: Autumn Leaves with Seasonal All-you-can-eat Lunch ★HIGHLIGHTS★

All-you-can-eat lunch (50 mins) featuring 5 classic autumn flavors.
5 souvenirs
5 further reasons to join the tour!
① See a golden acacia forest
② Stroll around Lake Shirakaba
③ View the mysterious Lake Mishaka
④ Visit the 'Shaun the Sheep' museum
⑤ Try 5 different types of agar candy

SEP 14 - OCT 12
From HKD824 Discounted Price from HKD741
【Tour Code J1306】 Overnight in Shirakawa-go! Hida Takayama & Kanazawa ★HIGHLIGHTS★

A special experience where you can stay overnight at Shirakawa-go, a World Heritage site. You will have plenty of time to explore the traditional thatched roof village, especially during the quieter periods in the early morning and evening, before the crowds arrive during the day. Look forward to trying local cuisine including Hida beef for dinner. The tour also includes a visit to Hida Takayama and the leading attractions of Kanazawa, where you will get a real sense of Japanese history and culture.

OCT 4 、 NOV 8、 Dec 3
From HKD2475 Discounted Price from HKD2225
【Tour Code 84820】 Autumn Colors at Korankei Gorge, Sumata Gorge's “Dream Suspension Bridge” & Oigawa Railway Steam Train ★HIGHLIGHTS★

1. Korankei Gorge: One of the leading autumn leaves spots in Japan. Spend a generous 3 hours walking around this special location!
2. Sumata Gorge: Cross the beautiful “Dream Suspension Bridge” and appreciate the turquoise blue color of the lake below.
3. Oigawa Railway Steam Train: Step back in time with a ride on a steam locomotive!

NOV 7- NOV 30
From HKD2910 Discounted Price from HKD2618
【Tour Code J1415】 Northern Japan Alps: Kamikochi, Shinhotaka Ropeway & Norikura with Hida Beef Lunch ★HIGHLIGHTS★

1. Take the Biwako Ropeway to enjoy a bird's eye view of the Biwako Valley in autumn colors. At the top, enjoy the views of the lake from Biwako Terrace. *Best viewing period for autumn colors is late October to late November.
2. Wander through the grounds of Keisoku-ji Temple, a famous autumn leaves viewing spot known for the bright red maple leaves that create a red carpet around the temple grounds. *Best viewing period for autumn colors is mid to late November.
3. Enjoy a drive through the pretty tree-lined road Metasequoia avenue.
4. All-you-can-eat BBQ and sushi lunch for an hour.

Nov 11-20 Guaranteed Departure!
From HKD825 Discounted Price from HKD742

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YOKOSO Japan Tour, operated by the famous travel group in Japan, KNT-CT Group, is an optional tour brand which is specialising in handling foreign travellers. The brand aims to provide a Japanese-styled professional and hospitality service to foreign travellers. They have created lots of unforgettable and pleasure moments for more than tens of millions of travellers already.

1. NO LANGUAGE BARRIER - English-speaking guide will be available.
2. EASY TO FIND PICK-UP POINT - Pick-up point is arranged inside famous hotel or train stations.
3. MATCH WITH YOUR BUDGET - No guide tips or any other hidden cost will be collected.
4. COMFORTABLE JOURNEY - Tour coaches or high-speed train or domestic flights will be provided.
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