What is “Yutabi” - Tour Planning?

Inspired by the hospitality of traditional Japanese culture, “Yutabi” is a tour planning service provided by knt Hong Kong, which is targeting customers who are pursuing a luxurious travelling experience in Japan. Our experienced staff is pleased to provide our professional consulting service to you, covering from itinerary designing, air tickets and hotel accommodation reservations, to transportation and meals arrangements.

The landscape in Japan changes in different seasons. In order to design a tailor-made itinerary that is covering sightseeing spots as well as foods that are good to try in a specific season, our staff is always glad to hear all requests from you. We hope to make your journey to be an unforgettable one.

【 Hospitality 】

Feeling The Hospitality From Greeting

The Japanese way to treat a customer has always been admired and widely recognized by the World. Most of travellers are impressed by the professional way of Japanese people to welcome and greet to their customers. People-oriented is the vital philosophy behind the Japanese hospitality.

Inspired by the Japanese way of hospitality, knt Hong Kong aims to provide a high-quality tailor-made service under the brand of “Yutabi”. Our experienced staff is ready to provide you a satisfied itinerary planning service based on your requests. We hope to make your journey to be a pleasant one.

【 Gourmet 】

Eating Japanese gourmet In A Japanese Style

Ramen, Sushi, Unagi, Sashimi, Wagyu, Tempura, Crabs, Omelette, Sake, Yakiniku……Which one is your favourite Japanese food? Have you ever dreamed to try them in its origin, cooked with the original recipe and to be served in its original way? It is probably the best way to travel in Japan.

In “Yutabi”, we offer suggestions on meals to try, based on our extensive knowledge to gourmet in every regions of Japan. Just leave the planning to us, enjoy the most delicious trip to Japan.

【 Transportation 】

Riding On The Most Advance Transport Networks

The transport network in Japan is probably the most advanced and most efficient one in the world. No matter railways, roads, ferries or airplanes, the network is connecting you from urban areas to rural villages, by most advanced Bullet trains or the most memorable steamed locomotives for you to choose with. The network is efficient yet interesting.

We offer you the most appropriate and comfortable transportation during your trip. But we make suggestions and provide arrangements to some special trains or transportation as well. Let's experience the interesting of travelling.

【 Four Seasons 】

Experiencing 4 Distinctive Seasons In Japan

Thanks to the temperate climate, Japan has 4 distinctive seasons throughout the year. Sakura blossoms in spring and fresh green in summer. Maple leave falls in autumn and Heavy snow covers in winter. No matter which seasons you come with, the spectacular view of nature impressed everyone.

In “Yutabi”, we offer you the most appropriate itinerary that is suitable for the season. Seeing sakura and maple leaves? Sunshine on the beach or powder snow for skiing? Up to your choice!

【 Accommodation 】

Defining The Luxurious And Comfortable Way Of Staying

If you are demanding to the accommodation during the trip, Japan is a country that satisfied you. Besides hotels of famous chain hotel groups located in cities, Japanese-styled Ryokans with variety of features are spread throughout the country. Japan is a series of volcanic islands, residents here get used to enjoy hot springs in the usual life. “Onsen-kyo” (Hot Spring Town) is being developed for small town or village that is welcoming visitors for enjoying the hot spring there.

We make a good use of the huge network in Japan of our mother company “Kinki Nippon Tourist” here in “Yutabi”, select the most suitable ryokans based on your itinerary. Free your body and soul from tiredness by utilizing the Japanese traditional wisdom. Enjoy the fantastic meal and hospitality service here in Japanese ryokans. Experience the luxurious staying that is exclusively in Japan.


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*A consultation fee of HK$500 per trip will be applicable on tour planning. This consultation fee will be deducted from the tour fee thereafter.