Don't Miss the Special Offer on Rail Pass & Local Tour!
See You in [email protected] During Apr 24 to Apr 29.

1. Discount Up to $250 Each for National & Regional Rail Passes in Japan

For every on-site purchase of all kinds of JR Rail passes, Kansai Thru Pass, Himeji Tourist Pass and Kintetsu Rail Pass during the APITA promotion within APR24 - APR29, you could enjoy a very special price with discount up to $250 each.

Click Here for Rail Pass Price List APITA Promotion

2. Japan Data Sim Card for Joining Designated Yokoso Local Tour

For every on-site application of designated YOKOSO local tour showed on the leaflets distributed during APITA promotion, a Japan data sim card will be offered to every full-paid participant. Available while stock last.

Have a Look on Tours (Chinese Only) APITA Promotion

3. Later-comers? No Worry!

By presenting the leaflets we distributed during the APITA promotion or providing the promotional code, you could enjoy the 5% discount on designated YOKOSO Japan Tour if you apply the tour through KNT Hong Kong on or before MAY 31. Share it to your friends!

APITA Promotion


Terms & Conditions for the Promotional Campaign

  1. Promotion period means the promotional booth of KNT Hong Kong inside APITA Cityplaza branch at B1 level during APR24 to APR29. The business hours of the promotional booth will be from 10:00 until 21:00 for weekdays and until 22:00 for Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the promotion period.
  2. Rail pass types eligible for Offer 1: National-wide and regional JR Rail passes, Kansai Thru Pass, Himeji Tourist Pass and Kintetsu Rail Pass.
  3. Discount price eligible for Offer 1: The retail prices will be calculated based on JPY1=HKD0.068. The discount prices are only eligible by paying the HKD equivalent price. The price will be rounded up to nearest dollar.
  4. Local tour eligible for Offer 2 & Offer 3: YOKOSO Japan tours that are printed on the leaflets distributed during APITA promotion period. Tour code must be identical as showed on the leaflet. Othewise the offers is not applicable even the itinerary is the same.
  5. Conditions applicable to Offer 2: Customers who join any one of the designated local tours and make a full payment on-site during promotion period, is eligible to have one free Japan data SIM card. Offer could be repeatedly used during promotion period. (i.e. a same participant could have 2 SIM cards if he/she join another tour.)
  6. SIM cards should be used according to the instructions printed on the package. KNT Hong Kong has no responsibility to make sure the SIM cards could be used properly. Terms & conditions by the service supplier should be applied when using the SIM cards.
  7. Conditions applicable to Offer 3:
    [During promotion period] For any on-site full payment participants;
    [After promotion period until MAY31] For any participants who apply the tour in our TST office and presented the leaflet distributed in APITA promotion period; or any participants who apply the tour through our website and provided promotinal code printed on the leaflet distributed in APITA promotion period;
    which the tour applied must be identical to the tours defined at point 3, they are eligible to enjoy a 5% discount if paid by HKD. The HKD equivalent price will be calculated based on JPY1=HKD0.075, and only accepting paying by HKD in cash / credit card / bank transfer. Offer is not applicable to payment by JPY in cash or bank transfer.
  8. All applications is non-cancellable, non-changable and non-transfeerrable if paid under discount prices.
  9. KNT Hong Kong shall have the final decision on any disputes.