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  1. For every reservation of local tours shown in YOKOSO Japan tour website on or before 2019/12/30, either by submitting the reservation through the application page inside the KNT Hong Kong website (www.knt-hk.com), or visiting our office within office hours to apply for the tour, by notifying the e-mail address you registered for our eNewsletter, a 5%-off discount offer will be applicable on the tour fee upon verification by our staff.
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  3. [Walk in Application] Please inform our staff that you would like to have this offer and our staff will verify your e-mail address.
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  5. Discount price must be settled by HKD. We accept cash, credit card or by bank transfer. No discount price will be offered if the payment is settled by JPY.
  6. All reservation procedures and payment should be settled on or before the due date that our staff informed. Otherwise the reservation will be cancelled automatically.
  7. The travel period of the tour applied under the discount offer is not necessarily the same as the promotional period.
  8. For all reservations applied with the promotional price, the reservation is non-cancellable and non-refundable once the full payment has been settled.
  9. The HKD equivalent prices shown here are for reference only. The actual tour fee in HKD is calculated base on the exchange rate announced by KNT HK upon the reservation.
  10. KNT HK has the final decision to any disputes regarding the promotion.

Beautiful Scenic Spot of Japan in September!!!
4 Selected local tours! Enjoy exclusive price before AUG 23.
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【Tour Code 27067】 Tohoku Golden Route: Lake Towada, Oirase, Gono Line & Shirakami-Sanchi 'Blue Pond' ★HIGHLIGHTS★

Guaranteed Departure! Popular route that gives a flavor of what Tohoku is all about. Accommodation at Owani Onsenkyo・Aomori Winery Hotel.

SEP 7, 8, 14, 15, 25, 28
From HKD2996 Discounted Price from HKD2624
Tokyo Station
【Tour Code 78195】 8 Secluded Spots of Kii Peninsula: Hashiguiiwa Rocks, Tanize Suspension Bridge & Dorokyo Gorge Water Jet Boat Cruise ★HIGHLIGHTS★

Guaranteed Departure! Visit hidden scenic spots which are hard to reach on your own! Stay at ranked A "Hotel & Resorts Wakayama Kushimoto"

SEP 5, 7, 13, 18, 19, 23, 27
From HKD2149 Discounted Price from HKD1882
【Tour Code 78050】 Ishikawa Prefecture: Scenic Tour in Okunoto & Overnight at Royal Hotel Noto ★HIGHLIGHTS★

Guaranteed Departure! Explore the Okunoto region, a place of outstanding scenic beauty in Japan hardly visited by foreign visitors!​

SEP 6, 13, 14, 28, 29
From HKD2149 Discounted Price from HKD1882
【Tour Code 84765】 Northern Japan Alps: Kamikochi, Shinhotaka Ropeway & Norikura with Hida Beef Lunch ★HIGHLIGHTS★

Guaranteed Departure! Enjoy Kamikochi and stay in top class accommodation Hodakaso Yamano Hotel. Look forward to a Hida Beef dinner

SEP 7-30, Departure Every Day
From HKD2534 Discounted Price from HKD2220

YOKOSO Japan Tour, operated by the famous travel group in Japan, KNT-CT Group, is an optional tour brand which is specialising in handling foreign travellers. The brand aims to provide a Japanese-styled professional and hospitality service to foreign travellers. They have created lots of unforgettable and pleasure moments for more than tens of millions of travellers already.

1. NO LANGUAGE BARRIER - English-speaking guide will be available.
2. EASY TO FIND PICK-UP POINT - Pick-up point is arranged inside famous hotel or train stations.
3. MATCH WITH YOUR BUDGET - No guide tips or any other hidden cost will be collected.
4. COMFORTABLE JOURNEY - Tour coaches or high-speed train or domestic flights will be provided.
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