Oversea Marathon Series - New Calerdonia Marathon 2019

A Paradise located at Tropical Pacific Ocean

One of the major sporting events of New Caledonia, around the picturesque bays of Nouméa. Legend Japanese runner - Kawauchi Yuki will run this event with you!

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Package Included

1. 4 nights accommodation in Noumea (22 Aug in, 26 Aug out, 4 nights)
2. Gauranteed entry and entry fee of New Caledonia Marathon 2019
3. Round trip tickets of HKG <> NOU (transit flight Departure : 21 Aug , Return: 26 Aug)

※ This tour will be departed from Hong Kong, and meet up the main group in Noumea. This tour is organized by Japanese.
※ KNT-HK will arrange Cantonese & english & Japanese tour conductor for this tour (21 Aug ~ 26 Aug)
※ First-come-first-serve basis.
※ Minimum participants of operation: 4.
※ When the participants does not reach the number above, the tour will not be operated. If this is the case, those who have made a reservation will be informed of the matter before 28 Jun.

Course Map

New Calerdonia Marathon 2019 - Course Map

Accommodation & Price

New Calerdonia Marathon 2019 - Accommodation & Price
Ramada Roumea
Official Website

20-min walking from Start & Goal
(Google Map)

Recommended Itinerary

New Calerdonia Marathon 2019 Day 1 (AUG 21) / (AUG 22)
Hong Kong → Noumea → Meet up with Staff → Hotel Check In

1. NZ 80 (21AUG) HKGAKL 1705 #0750
2. NZ 782 (22AUG) AKLNOU 0905 1110
Because of time difference, departure date at Hong Kong is on 21 Aug.
Arrival time at Noumea is 11:00 am 22 Aug.

3 . NZ 783 (26AUG) NOUAKL 1210 1550
4 . NZ 87 (26AUG) AKLHKG 2345 #0725
☆There is no direct flight between HONG KONG & NOUMEA
B: on the flight / L: NIL / D: NIL

New Calerdonia Marathon 2019 Day 2 (AUG 23)
08:00am Event: Talk event by Kawauchi Yuki - organized by New Caledonia Marathon Team
B: Hotel / L: NIL / D: NIL

New Calerdonia Marathon 2019 Day 3 (AUG 24)
To Hippodrome Henry Milliard
11:00am exchange runner pack, introduction of race
Welcome Pasta Party - organized by New Caledonia Marathon Team
Talk show by Kawauchi Yuki - organized by New Caledonia Marathon Team
B: Hotel / L: NIL / D: NIL

New Calerdonia Marathon 2019 Day 4 (AUG 25)
~Race Day~
Start Time: 07:00am
Prize Ceremony
Cocktail Party
B: Hotel / L: NIL / D: NIL

New Calerdonia Marathon 2019 Day 5 (AUG 26)
08:00am Cooldown run by Kawauchi Yuki - organized by New Caledonia Marathon Team
~End of this tour~

Application Instructions

Thanks for your interest to the marathon. Applications are now closed.
Please register our e-newsletter for most updated information regarding priority entry (if any) next year.
Click here to register.

Application Deadline

JUN 30

Important Note

  1. The price above does NOT include all airport taxes. Please ask our staff for details if necessary.
  2. Runners must be 20 years old or above upon the race day. No refund will be eligible in case the runner is disqualified by the organization due to age cheating.
  3. Runners should evaluate their physical condition before participating. We are not responsible for any accidents occurred during the run.
  4. Participants should ensure they hold a valid passport and visa (if necessary) for immigration. We are not responsible if the participants are rejected by immigration.
  5. Due to limited quota is available, reservation with our staff is required before settling payment.
  6. Once the payment is confirmed, no cancellation or changes of names or other details are allowed. Full payment must be made within 2 working days after the reservation confirmed. We reserve the right to cancel the application with no refund in case the payment is delayed. No changes of names or details are allowed.
  7. Accommodations are arranged by the organizer and could not be designated. The itinerary and prices are for reference only. KNT (HK) Limited reserves all rights to change the itinerary and arrangements of this package.
  8. This itinerary and price is valid until Jun 30, 2019 and is subjected to availability.
  9. Participants are advised to apply travel insurance before departure.