Kansai Thru Pass (2 Days)

關西周遊卡 (2日票)

  • Adult (12 years old or above)
    ¥ 4300.00
    HKD 240.00
  • Child (Ages 6-11)
    Not Available
    Not Available

Ticket Features

[Actual Ticket / No redemption in Japan will be required] Kansai Thru Pass is a type of ticket that is valid for unlimited journeys on all Metro lines, Private Railways and local buses. It is valid for consecutive 2 days to ride on different transportation within Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Nara, Wakayama and Mount Koya. This ticket is eligible to foreign traveller who is permitted to entry Japan under a "Temporary Visitor" visa, or Japanese nationals who have a right of abode in other countries.

Valid Areas

Osaka Municipal Subway / New Tram, Osaka Monorail, Kita-Osaka Kyuko Railway, Kyoto Municipal Subway, Kinki Nippon Railway (Kintetsu) (Except all limited express trains, Yoshino Line which located at south of Tsubosakayama, Domyoji Line, Tawaramoto Line, and Osaka line which located at east of Aoyamacho), Keihan Electric Railway (Except for limited express trains), Keifuku Railway (Randen)(Except for cableway and ropeway), Kobe Rapid Transit, Kobe Subway, Kobe Electric Railway, Sanyo Electric Railway (Not valid for Sumaura Ropeway and all mountain-top facilities), Semboku Rapid Railway (Except limited express trains), Nankai Electric Railway (Except limited express trains), Nose Electric Railway (Except Myoken-no-mori Cable Line), Hankyu Railway, Hanshin Electric Railway, Hieizan Sakamoto Cable, Port Liner / Rokko Liner, Hokushin Kyuko Railway. Not valid for all JR trains and Shinkansen bullet trains.

Osaka City Bus, Itami City Bus, Kyoto City Bus, Kyoto Bus, Kintetsu Bus, Kyoto Keihan Bus, Keihan Kyoto Kotsu Bus (Except Meiji Kokusai Iryo Daigaku Line, Kuzuha-Miyama Line, Sonobe-Miyama Line), Keihan Bus (Except Hirakata City 100 yen bus), Kobe City Transportation Promotion Bus (Except City Loop, Port Island Campus Line), Sanyo Bus (Except Shioyakitamachi Line, Akashi City Community Bus), Kobe City Bus, Shintetsu Bus (Except Kimikage Line), Takatsuki City Bus, Nankai Wing Bus Kanaoka, Nankai Wing Bus Nanbu (Except Local Government's Community Bus), Nankai Bus (Except  Int'l and Domestic Cargo Area Line, Osaka-Sayama City Loop Bus Izumi City Loop Bus), Nankai Rinkan Bus (Except Tateri Line, Koya-Ryujin Line, Hashimoto- Niutsuhime Line, Koya Niuhime Line, Hashimoto City Community Bus), Hankyu De'en Bus (Except Nagoyama-Reien Line, Takarazuka Sumire-boen Line), Hankyu Bus (Except Arima Express Line, Minoo-Shinmachi Line, Nagaokakyo Loop Bus (Nagaokakyo Happy Bus), Suita City Community Bus (Sui Sui Bus), Sakura-Yamanami Bus, Kiyoshikojin Line, Mino-o Community Bus (Orange Yuzuru Bus), Clean Land Line, Takarazuka Sumire-boen Line, Minoo Katsuoji Line, Umeda-Expocity Line), Hanshin Bus, Wakayama City Bus (Except Fujitodai Loop Line), Wakayama Bus Naga (Except Local Governments\'s Community Bus), Amagasaki Transportation Service. Not valid for all regular tour buses, Airport Limousine Buses, Highway Buses and Overnight Buses. Not valid for USJ Shuttle Buses.

The ticket is valid until : May 31, 2020.

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Important Notice

  1. All bookings should be replied and confirmed by our staff. Otherwise, no booking is being reserved even though it was successfully submitted.
  2. We accept payment by Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) and Japanese Yen (JPY). (Except credit cards. We only accept payment in HKD.) The HKD equivalent value is according to the designated exchange rate by our company. Our staff will reply you the exact price.
  3. Regarding payment methods:
    【Credit Cards】 Please inform us your credit card information by phone upon receiving confirmation from us. Only Visa or MasterCard is acceptable.
    【Bank Transfer】 Please make transfer to our bank account in HSBC and provide the bank-in slip for evidence. For JPY: 808-814586-838 / For HKD: 808-814586-001
  4. Regarding collecting methods:
    【In Person】 Please come to our office and collect the ticket(s) in person during our office hours. (MON-FRI 09:00-18:00 / Closed on all SATs, SUNs & Public Holidays)
    (A) If the delivery is sent to an industrial or commercial address (as defined by SF Express) or a SF Store or a EF Locker, FREE postage will be applied.
    (B) If the delivery is sent to a residential address or an address of remote areas in Hong Kong, registered mail by Hong Kong post will be used. A postage of $40 for each address will be applied.
    (C) If the delivery is sent to an address outside Hong Kong, a courier service designated by us will be used. A postage of $60 for each address will be applied.
  5. Terms & Condition applying to online ticket reservation :
    (A) The free postage only applied to an recipient address where is a industrial or commercial area in Hong Kong, a SF store or a EF locker. For details please refer to : www.sf-express.com
    (B) For address inside Hong Kong, it should take 1 to 2 working days normally; Whereas for address outside Hong Kong, it should take a week normally. Please make your reservation earlier.
    (C) We are not responsible for any loss because of mail missing or returned mail due to inaccurate address provided by customers. If customer requests for re-delivery, a handling charge equivalent to 10% of the original price of the ticket (should be calculated by original price in JPY and multiplied by official exchange rate announced by our company to determine the charge in HKD.) will be applicable. All re-delivery requests must be informed within 10 working days since the reservation has been made. Otherwise, a new reservation will be required and hence for paying full fare is needed.
    (D) We accept bank-in transfer payment in JPY or HKD or credit card payment by obtaining credit card information through phone conversation.
    (E) We accept requests of refunding or amendments to the passenger names only under preconditions as below : a) The exchange order voucher is still valid; b) The exchange order voucher has not been damaged, amended, defaced; and c) The exchange order voucher has not been exchanged for the actual ticket yet. Please bring the exchange order voucher and the invoice or receipt printed by our company and come to our office in person for refunding or amendments to passenger names. A handling charge equivalent to 10% of the original price of the ticket (should be calculated by original price in JPY and multiplied by official exchange rate announced by our company to determine the charge in HKD.) will be applicable.
    (F) The exchange order must be redeemed for the actual ticket within 3 months upon issued date. If customer is unable to exchange the actual ticket due to any problems because of the visa eligibility, we accept refund only under preconditions as stated on point 6 and a handling charge will be applicable.
    (G) Refund should take around a month. Refund will be calculated in HKD base on the official exchange rate determined by our company upon the date of receiving the refund request. Refund will be transferred to the bank account customer provided.
    (I) If there are any disputes, the decision made by KNT Hong Kong should be final.