KNT-HK Special Travel Packages

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【Yokoso Tokyo Departure】Hida Takayama, Gokayama, Shinhotaka Ropeway / Hida Beef Sukiyaki / Secluded Omaki Onsen & Shirahone Onsen

Visit a mysterious Hot Spring Hotel. You could only access there by a designated boat.

HKD7100.00 up

【Yokoso Osaka Departure】8 Scenic Beauties of Oku-Noto

Explore Oku-Noto, a beautiful place in Hokuriku.

HKD1839.00 up

【Yokoso Tokyo Departure】Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, Shirakawa-go & Hida Takayama

Walk through the 20m-high Snow Walls Otani.
Stroll around Shirakawa-go

HKD2407.00 up

5D4N Nagoya+Tateyama+Shirakawago

Tateyama Kurobe Local Tour
With CX air and Hotel 4 nights

HKD6988.00 up

5D4N Tokyo+Tateyama Kurobe + Kanazawa

Great Snow Wall in Tateyama
Kanazawa and Shirakawago

HKD8288.00 up

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